Saturday, November 09, 2013

Open Hands

Give, open one's hand, and give to the one who asks, the one who deserves this thing we so tightly clench in our hands.  It is not easy to open our fingers, keep them open and let our sacrifice go.  But if we will leave our palms up, fingers stretched, hands empty we will be filled.  Freedom will engulf.  Love will be welcomed.  His hand will reach down and take hold.  We can't hold his hand when we close ours. Only an open hand can receive.

Lay down the good to receive the best.  He is the best.  He opened his hand and let his son, his best, go.  His nail-pierced open hand gave, gave us our freedom, gave us our life.  His open hand will fill my hand, your hand, and a million other open hands with incomprehensible love.  

Open your hand, let all that is in your grasp slip away and feel his open hand fill yours.

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