You Said…  Many years ago a dear friend introduced me to Rita Springer.  Well, I didn’t actually meet her.  Rather I was introduced to her music.  It was her version of You Said that I have worn out on many CD’s, partially due to playing it so often and partially due to my lack of care for CDs, particularly in my car.  Just ask my husband.  I love this song because it is a worshipper’s reminder to herself and to the Lord of his words and promises.  His words and promises are powerful and true.   You Said is a worshipper’s plea  for the Lord to rescue the lost of the world.  Our words and prayers are powerful.   

Why You Said?  Because I am in daily need of hearing what God says.   As I understand what God says I desire to share with you, my friends.   Because I have a God-given passion for the nations.  Not just one specific nation, but nations.  I desire for you, my friends, to share and learn about what God is doing throughout the world and for us to ask the Lord for the nations.  

About me.
It is kind of weird to write stuff about myself.  I don’t know why exactly.  I guess because some of the stuff is fun and some of the stuff is serious. What do I share?  The fun?  The serious? Both?  How about a little of both?

The basics.  I am married to my awesome husband who makes me laugh daily.  We are learning to be parents to our young sons.  I read the parenting books, magazine, blogs, etc and get stressed out because we are not following “the rules.”  Scratch that.  After trying to listen to the advice, I have decided they all lie.  None of the tips work.  : )

I like to move a lot.  Well, I don’t really like the packing and unpacking, but since I have moved eight times in the past 12 years one would think I liked moving.  This Ohio girl ventured to Pennsylvania for college, then Arizona to begin her career and meet her husband, and now is nestled in the mountains of Virginia.

I love languages.  I used to speak French.  I try to speak Spanish resulting in laughter from my students.  I often use malapropisms when speaking English resulting in kind correction from my husband.  I pretend to know more languages just to keep my international students from getting off task in class.  I am pretty good at pretending.

I love sweets and baking them.  I plan on telling my sons they can’t have sweets to save them from the sugar addiction I have and then sneaking them after they go to bed.  

I’m opinionated. I’m passionate about my opinions.  I hope that I am becoming less passionate about my opinions and more passionate about God’s word.  His word is more important than my opinion.
I’m in a constant state of confliction and conviction.  This means I need to understand and receive more of God’s grace.  I’m working on this.


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