Monday, March 22, 2010

On the Road

When we first began our road to move to Croatia, we knew it would be a journey, but I don't think we had any idea what roads we would travel.  This past week we had the privilege to travel around Virginia and West Virginia meeting with pastor's and mission's directors and eating LOTS of good food.  Here are just a few pictures and commentaries of our road trips.

Saturday we got lost in the mountains of West Virginia.  We had all the tools to help us in the event that we got lost, GPS, map quest directions, and 3 cell phones, but when all of these modern technologies failed us we wished we had a map!

Jamey is quite angry as we hurry over the same mountain for the second time in hopes we would arrive in time for dessert and a chance to speak.

Our good friend and traveling partner, Rob, a little car sick from the winding West Virginia mountain roads.  Notice how calm, cool, and collected I was despite the angry driver and nauseous co-pilot.
There are quite a number of Starbucks in West Virginia.  I was glad to have some coffee when I thought we were only 15 minutes away from our destination, but after an hour and a half of driving who knows where, I was regretting the tall Italian roast.  Almost had to relive my winter snow storm incident.

Happy that it did not take us 2 hours to see this sign.  A pretty uneventful ride home.
 Gotta love street names.  Ever hear of Tight Squeeze, VA? 

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