Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And so begins a new year!

Soooo!  Blogging. 
In my mind, the titanic struggle to justify doing this continues.  I will not waste further time enumerating the reasons I consider this to be such a monumental waste of time and effort.  Suffice to say that of all the reasons I could mention, (which I feel would be valid arguments) the chief reason is that too often I lack the level of discipline that God wants to see in my life.  The truth is that I waste far greater amounts of time than this entry will take doing far less productive things.  God has really touched my heart concerning this at the beginning of this year.  I know he has challenged me to improve myself in this area.
To that end, with God’s and Meredith’s help, one of my goals this year is to improve myself in this area of time management.  I’ve got to say, I feel like I’m off to a pretty good start.  I’ve got a solid list of specific, measurable goals that range from weekly to year-long ones, and I’ve even put together a way of documenting things for myself so I can see if I am meeting them.  Not bad, huh?
Anyway, one of those goals is to blog once a week at least.  (Starting this week) I’m keeping them short.  Not as short as Meredith would like probably, but, hey, I’ve still got to be me.  I’m also trying to confine the subjects of the blogs to things that I feel like the Lord is showing me.  This way it avoids, hopefully, the trap of these things becoming opinionated rants, and they may also, hopefully, be helpful to someone reading them while keeping them informed about what is going on with us.  That’s what this is for, right?  Right?
Is anyone out there? 

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