Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I can't just let this blog page go with no comment.
Meredith was trying to make our blog look cooler than last year with some updates.  She showed me the butterflies and the thing in the top left corner which says, "The cutest blog on the block."

I froze.
Then I vetoed the thing.  Putting my foot down firmly.
Then Meredith looked sad.
I, of course, folded like a pathetic novice holding Ace/Queen off suit while sitting at a poker table with Phil Ivey.
(Poker officianados will get that)
So we have the "cutest blog on the block" accented with butterflies, and I continue to have, if not my dignity, a wonderful marriage to a woman I truly don't deserve.
I love you, babe!  :0)
Hey!  That actually makes two blogs this week.  I'm ahead of my goal.  Sweet!

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