Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School - Steppin' Out

One week of "summer vacation" left! We have worked hard to stay busy during our "vacation", as we usually do. We've gotten so used to traveling and working for at least some portion of June, July, and August that this year was very strange to us. Meredith has left the U.S. to serve in Europe or Africa every summer but one since 2001, and I have been with her since '05. There were times over the last two months as we prayed for the summer English camps that our desire to be there was nearly overwhelming. Thank God that these are the types of prayers that he says avail much. We know that all the people praying for JV's summer camps effectively moved God's heart and hand to action to change the lives of many young people.
So we sacrificed being a part of that for what? Most of you know that it has been so that we can get to Croatia full time, and God has moved us closer to that reality. During our training time in Colorado, we felt the Lord leading us to take a big step of faith. Meredith will return to teaching next Monday while I continue to devote full effort towards building the team that God will use to sustain us year round in Rijeka. We're trusting God to provide everything we need to make the one salary (which is close to what we will be living on in Croatia when we go) sufficient. We're excited, nervous, and expectant. As always, we appreciate your prayers, and you have ours.

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  1. This is a big step of faith for you guys. I know its not easy and I know God will provide for you guys!