Thursday, October 02, 2008

What's Going On

I was speaking with my brother the other day, and he told me that I needed to update the blog because he is tired of looking at colored toilet paper. You gotta love the honesty in a sibling relationship. Since he is right I thought I should let everyone know that we are still alive and doing well. I also apologize to those of you who occasionally check our blog that you have had to look at toilet paper for so long.
What have we been up to since returning from Croatia? Well, we have traveled to Washington D.C. with our small group from church, traveled to Ohio for a very brief visit, and began a new school year. The school year is off to a good start and we both enjoy our classes. Time has passed quickly and basketball season will begin in two weeks. Yes, we are both coaching again this year. While we both enjoy coaching, we are thankful that the middle school season is short and ends before Christmas.
We have also continued to prepare and plan for our next steps towards moving to Croatia. Many great things must happen to get us there, so we are seeking the Lord's guidance and waiting for his timing. October 15-18 we will be in Wheaton, IL for training with Josiah Venture. We are looking forward to meeting others who are preparing to join Josiah Venture in Eastern Europe as well as the staff working in North America.

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  1. Hey! So I havent been on your blog for ages, but I just went on and saw that right now, today, you are at JV training! I think my really good friends are with you too. Matt and Sharon Mormance and Brad and Laurel Jenkins. Id love to hear all about it when you are done. Have fun!!