Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Got Goat?

In November, Jamey and I began mentoring a refugee family from Somalia as they learn how to live in the United States. The family consists of a 26 year old woman and 4 adopted children, 3 girls and one boy. Mostly we visit them and take them grocery shopping since they have no means of transportation. We have enjoyed building a relationship with them. They like to come to our house and we eat pizza every time. They like to look at our dogs but they will not touch them as they fear them. One time I accidently let our lab in the house and I instantly heard screaming, sounds of running feet, things falling to the ground and doors slamming. I found it quite hilarious as well as did they. One day the woman asked me if we can go to a store to buy goat. Goat, hmmmm. Where can one buy goat meet in rural southwestern Virginia? So begins my search for goat meat.

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