Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is the name we should have given our dog, Marley, as she continues to find ways to escape. The same day the Somali family was visiting and Bosley got into the house Marley pulled her runner out of the tree. I found some rope to tie her up since she has a history of running away. I thought this would keep her until morning when we could fix the runner. Not hardly! It was a beautiful Monday morning because we did not have school. We woke up hoping to enjoy a morning sipping coffee and watching the Today show. I went to check on the dogs and of course Marley had escaped. Luckily, Jamey found her rather quickly. Another neighbor found her and was caring for her. We decided that this day would be the day we buy fencing high enough so she can't jump over it. Jamey spent several hours installing the fence. When he was finished he decided to take Bosley for a walk. As he was walking Marley ran right past him. When he called her name she ingnored him and kept running. We are beginning to think that she is not happy at her new home. Jamey of course caught her once again. He was quite upset with the dog. We have no idea how she escaped. These dogs have been quite an adventure!


  1. Hi Meredith and Jamey....I think it is time for obedience training...:)! Or have you heard of electric fence...that kind that you put in the ground and the dog wears a collar..sounds cruel at first but I have come to see it's advantages.

    Sounds like you all are having fun.

  2. Hi Meredith and Jamey,
    It was great to get some information about your ''new life''.
    Thanks for this oppurtinity. Hope to hear from you soon.