Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Expanding the Family

Here are our new family members. About two weeks ago we adopted 2 dogs from the animal shelter. The black lab/german shepherd is Bosley. The hound dog is Marley. I can't believe we adopted two dogs but Jamey says that they need playmates. They are both pretty well behaved although we still need to do some more training, mostly regarding jumping on people. Bosley is very friendly and loves attention. Marley is a little more reserved and it took her awhile to warm up to us. I think Bosley's behavior is rubbing off on her because lately she has been jumping more and asking for more attention. Marley is also a runner. Several times now she has jumped the fence. Our neighbors usually find her and keep her until we get home. The good thing is that we have gotten to know our neighbors. Bosley does not care to jump the fence but would rather sleep on his back. It is most interesting to see a 70 pound dog sleeping on his back and stretching his legs up into the air.
For the most part we are enjoying the dogs. I have suggested more than once that we return them to the animal shelter, especially after Marley ate my blinds. But, Jamey is more forgiving than I am so they are staying. : )


  1. Nels Paulson11/22/06, 6:50 PM

    Great dogs- I think they take after Jamey...

  2. Hello to the Hutton family. Just wanted to say Hi and check in on you all. Your pad and animals were nice to look at. How are yall? OK here in PHX. Amy should be having our little girl sometime this week. What a Christmas gift. Hope to hear from you all.

    GOD Bless and Happy Holidays,

    Carter D.