Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moving Again

Well, in about 3 weeks Jamey and I will be moving again. We have purchased our first home! We were hoping to buy a home here in Roanoke, but I was not expecting to find one so soon. We have been looking at homes on the internet for months and we looked at about 30 while we have been in Roanoke. We found a cute little, yellow house built in 1936 that we both like a lot. I am thankful that we both could agree on a place and have peace about it. It is a one story house with a finished basement. The owners have kept this old house in very good shape so we do not need to do any work on the house. It is move-in ready. Yeah! It is a such a blessing to not have to do much to the house during this time as we will be moving in the weekend before school starts.

I will post some pictures once we move in!

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