Tuesday, August 01, 2006


As I mentioned in the previous post I have been able to enjoy nature. Well, one day I really got to enjoy nature.

At the house we see dear most days walking through the yard eating the flowers and raspberries. They are not too fearful of us because they have grown accostomed to living in the neighborhood. One day I was sitting out on the porch when I saw a white skunk. It was an ugly skunk and I hope that I don't encounter it when I am coming home after dark.

One morning I went to get my flip-flops of the porch where I had left them the night before. I only saw one. I looked around and hanging on a small bush was the other. When I got my flip-flop it had dirt and teeth marks on it. How strange that some kind of animal would try to take off with my shoe. Later that morning Jamey and I went for a run in the neighborhood when we saw a trail leading into the wooods. We decided to take the trail and explore. I had asked Jamey what kind of animals might live in the woods. He said deer, snakes, and bears. I could not believe that bears would live in these woods because through the trees we could see homes all around us. About five minutes later during our walk Jamey spotted a medium sized black bear! He stood there to watch it. Crazy! I, on the other hand, turned around rather quickly and started speed walking away. Since Jamey was not following me I stopped and we looked for a few seconds before the bear heard us and ran away.

Later that afternoon I was sitting at the computer, probably trying to work on this blog. I have had many issues trying to get this blog together. I heard something out the window. I looked and something was rustling the leaves under the canoe. I thought it might be a snake but I was not certain. Then out from the leaves came two snakes! One was a 5 foot black snake and a smaller, struggling snake was wrapped around the head of the black snake. Needless to say the black snake won the battle. Jamey, his mom, and I watched the black snake eat the other one from my bedroom window. So, not only does a skunk live in the neighborhood but a black snake lives in our driveway!

Oh, by the way we also have red foxes that like to play in the church parking lot down the road.

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  1. I know all about the wildlife now that I am out in the country. Bats, deer, bugs oh my!