Friday, June 27, 2014

Flying the Blue Skies

This blog began eight years ago as a means to chronicle Jamey and my journeys around the country and the world.  It all started with a move across the country from sunny, hot Phoenix to rainy, humid Roanoke.  At the time we thought this move would be a pit stop until we made a bigger move across the ocean.  Well, our pit stop has been rather long, long enough to put down some roots.

This online journal was to be a means of communicating with our friends and family about what we saw God doing throughout the world, particularly Eastern Europe.  And for many summers, it served its purpose.  Then it went quiet for a long time because we went quiet for a time after our dreams of living abroad were put on hold. 

I am back now, but in this season I'm sharing God's word and how it encourages me and hopefully you as well.  But for a eight days in July, I will be able to get back to the foundations of this blog and declare what God is doing in other nations, particularly the Dominican Republic.  After four years of staying stateside, which for those of you who have known me for many, many years you know this was a long time sans traveling, I will be serving alongside ten other members of my church to help build a church in Santo Domingo.  Yep, this girl who always hangs a crooked picture because she doesn't care to use a level, will lend her hands to construction.  Y'all can stop chuckling now.  My plan is to carry lots of cinder block and do whatever I'm told so as to not drive crazy the engineers and handy men on the team! Mom, my brother, and my husband, you all can stop laughing now, too. 

I am excited to board the plane and set my feet on another land's soil and breathe in another culture.  I am not excited to leave my family behind for over a week.  I will actually miss our two hour bed time routine.  Yes, you read that correctly, two hour bedtime routine and yes, I think I will miss it.  If you think of me or my family between the hours of 8 and 10 pm, please pray for Jamey and beg and plead the Lord to supernaturally knock the boys out.  Typically prayer requests for mission teams is for protection, unity, and safety, but I am swerving from the norm and asking you all to unite in prayers for my husband to have good sleep.  And when I return from the DR, just keep praying for sleep and include me too.  Ok?  If you need a biblical reference to validate my request here it is:  for so he giveth his beloved sleep  Psalm 127:2.  Amen!

Hopefully I will have more exciting things to post about than colored toilet paper and oversized pizza slices.  If you clicked over and read those two posts I know you are on the edge of your seats to to read future posts.  Actually I know we all desire big and exciting things to happen during our time in the DR.  And while that is good and would be awesome, I hope to see God move even in the small.  I just want my eyes to see and my mouth to declare His goodness and His love.  And so before I even leave America, I see God at work in eleven adults who are sacrificing time at work and with families to serve others and who will be fully funded to make this trip! And on top of gathering the money to pay for each person's travel expenses we needed to raise $8000.00 to pay for the addition we will be building.  We are close and I believe my Sunday afternoon we will have all the dinero we need.  That's exciting!  

May I encourage you to pray for God's kingdom come and God's will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven for this journey?  May I encourage you to pray for peace and sleep for my family and the other families who will be without a parent for a week? 

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