Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pics to Match

You know, I've participated in those hypothetical question discussions before, as I'm sure you have.  They are the ones intended to provoke discussion in which people are able to find out more about you.  Here's a famous one:  "If you could live in any time period in history, when would it be."
I have usually answered that by saying, "Here and now.  I really want to live while I live."  I truly do believe that this is one of the greatest times in human history to be alive, BUT I am continually amazed at the trouble I seem to have when it comes to technology in this day and age.  You would not believe the problems I have encountered recently.  We have more ways of keeping in contact with more people now than ever before, and I cannot work any of them without extreme difficulty.  It's true to the point of comic ridiculousness.
Meredith prepared a constant contact update to which I tried to add photos from a new camera we bought because ours died.  The pics have too many "megabyters" or something like that and they won't upload.
Soooooo, here I am trying to blog with pics that will match the email update that Meredith sent out.
Hope this works out.  If it does, I'll let Meredith know by email that I have completed a task.  Maybe I will, if my wireless signal works.  Or maybe by facebook, if I can send her a message instead of posting to her wall which still confuses me.  Or maybe I'll skype her computer.  That way I can talk to her and see her.  Oh, wait, her computer doesn't have a camera.  And my computer doesn't have a microphone anyway.  It used to, but it hasn't worked since my hard drive crashed the week before I left to come here and had to pay to get it replaced too.  It was cheaper.  So I type to her, listen to her voice, and let her see me because my camera still works.  Sometimes I get to see her when she is on my mom's computer.
Confused yet.  Now you know how I feel.  :)
And with all that, I still get to communicate with her and others more often than my parents or grandparents did.  And while I am grateful, I remember the words of Thoreau, and they ring in my ears, "Simplify!  Simplify!"
Happy Twittering everybody!  (I haven't gone there yet.)  Here are the pics.

Interns in the Vienna subway on The Amazing Race.
Here we are at the training in Czech Republic saving a seat in honor of Meredith since she couldn't be with us.  You can't really it, but I have a sad, pouty lip thing going.  It's very endearing.

Here we are with bunch of young people in Croatia at a cookout.  Please pray for them as they finish school and look for jobs.  They are hard to come by here.  And 2 pictured here are being baptized next week.  Pray for their growth and strength in faith.  Family members often don't understand when young people here become Christians.

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