Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 5 of Camp

Our first English camp is going really well.  We have been blessed with good weather and great people.  Everyone is having a great time.  The stuents are enjoying English classes including all the American candy the team brought with them.  I wonder how many cavaties students have after they leave camp?  Sports are a hit.  Everyone truly enjoyed water sports and diving into a freezing lake.  They say it isn't so bad after the first dive. I, Meredith, wouldn't know.  Jamey and our teammate, Nathan, have done a great job entertaining us in the evenings with such characters as magicians, explorers and native tribesmen, and New Yorkers.  The students have engaged in the stories of Rahab, Joseph and his brothers, and Ruth.  Jamey did a phenomenal job portraying Judah as he told the story of Joseph.  Many were amazed by Joseph's ability to forgive his brothers. 
Below are pictures of students enjoying an evening Luau and others learning to play spoons.  Also, you can see a picture of our team before we headed to camp.

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