Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow and Boots

Yet, another snow day.  I believe this is the fifth day school has been cancelled due to snow, probably the most snow days this Ohioan has ever experienced.  Many of you may remember the big snow we got stuck in right before Christmas.  This northeastern Ohio girl was not exactly prepared for such a storm.  Jamey insisted that I buy snow boots.  After living in Phoenix, I did not own any and it did not snow enough here in VA to warant such a purchase.  I did look for some boots just to appease my husband, but told him that they cost too much and we are not going to get any more snow this winter.  Boy was a I mistaken!  We have had snow every weekend!  You can check out "my new" snow boots down below.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law left her boots here after a Christmas visit.  I don't think she will mind me borrowing them. : )  So, the boots will be put to good use again today as we shovel our huge driveway.  Since we can't exactly get to the gym, we get a full body workout shoveling.



  1. WOW! I can't believe you have more snow! :)
    Love the boots too! :)
    Happy shoveling. . . .

  2. Just wanted to add that Forbes just released that Cleveland is the worst major city in the country for winter weather. That was just a useless tidbit for Jamie to do something with.