Friday, June 27, 2008

Camps Begin

Our last day of sanity. Tomorrow the first team for America arrives and our first camp begins Tuesday. I exaggerate a bit about losing our sanity. While the arrival of American teams and the camps can be crazy and busy, I know that people have been preparing well and are quite organized. We are thankful for the past week we have had to finish preparing and spend time together as a team. Due to two national holidays in one week, we have been limited to our activities in the city. At the beginning of the week we visited a foster home in a beautiful resort town to talk to the director about some of the teens coming to camp. We are excited that 3 girls will be able to leave the foster home for a week to join us at camp. Another day, Jamey and I got to play basketball with our new friend, Vlado and our teammate, Zak. We both agree that we are a bit out of shape and need to run some more. My excuse is that there are too many hills here to do any running. : )

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