Monday, April 28, 2014

Do You Know a Fitster?

So I am living in the land of fits.  Yes, fits, the kind little boys and girls throw often.  I think I may have written about fits before but I am not certain.  Currently, my life resembles the film, Groundhog Day, the movie about a man who wakes up every morning only to repeat the same day.  I remember not liking the film.  These are the days of my life: wake up in the morning to a young boy throwing a fit about waking up, followed by fits about breakfast, leaving or not leaving the house, playing with each other, taking a nap, taking a bath, going to bed, and then fits in the middle of the night about what, I haven’t a clue, and it all begins again the next morning. 

Anyone else living life or having lived life with a 2 or 3 year old?

What do we call this stage of life?  Children this age are no longer toddlers because they do not toddle; as a matter of fact they get around quite well.  They aren’t quite preschoolers either.  Instead of googling the accepted term for this stage I decided to name it myself.  Since the defining characteristic of these children is their ability to throw fits I thought of maybe fittler.  You know playing on the word toddler.  A bit cheesy, I know.  Then it hit be, fitster.  I hear this word Hipster thrown around lately.  I am not really sure what a Hipster is because I am too busy tending to my fitster.  So for the sake of this blog post I will refer to my three year as a fitster.  Feel free to adopt this term as well.  It’s kind of fun. 

I think my cute little fitster enjoys throwing fits and he has become quite good at it after months and months of practice.  I am not sure why he would enjoy throwing a good fit since it usually involves a sore throat from all the yelling, red, puffy, itchy eyes and a snotty nose from all the crying, and a sweaty forehead, back, and hands from all the jumping around and flailing of the body to the ground.  Nonetheless he engages in this activity several times a day. 

As a parent of a fitster you never know when one will ensue. 

Clean up your toys.  Fit.  This one while annoying is understandable.
Go to the bathroom.  Fit.  Really?  Using the toilet is good for you.  Your parents are really helping you out by giving you this reminder.  Just go!
Good morning, son!  Fit.  Well, I am sorry I was happy to see you.
I made you pancakes, your favorite.  Fit.  Ok, who knew?  Today pancakes are not your favorite.  Oatmeal is. Well of course.

There really is no telling when one will strike.

At times, the amount and the length of the fits frustrate me.  I comfort myself with the cliché; this too shall pass.  If you have older children who still throw fits please keep your comments to yourself, as I would like to remain in a state of hopeful ignorance.

Other times, I try hard not to laugh because he looks so ridiculous and laughing is way better than crazy yelling which closely mimics my little fitster’s behavior.

Then there are moments that I see myself in him.  Not my little self, but my 36 year- old self.  Yes, I am at fitster, too.  Perhaps when I no longer have a two or a three in my age I will have grown out of throwing fits.  Any forty year olds out there to confirm this theory?

I throw fits more often than I would like to admit.  The only difference between my son and me is I have learned how to keep my fits contained.  Inside my mind is a whole lot of grumbling and saying no.  And occasionally the words inside come out in a rant around my house saying how tired I am of not being able to find anything, how many times do I have to do the dishes, I am tired of cleaning, etc.  Then there are the fits I have about things I don’t want to and boy, do I pout as I do it.  Perhaps others do not see it since I am pretty adept at hiding it, but there is one who does see and hear all my grumbling and pouting.  God.  The one who says good morning and offers me sweet gifts like pancakes for breakfast.  Yep, he sees my fits.  The one who asks me to do things that will benefit me because he cares about my well-being.  Yep, he sees my fits.  I’m sure that just has I am not pleased with my little fitster’s behavior, my Heavenly Father is not pleased with me.  But, boy, is he patient.  Oh to have his patience!

Words from the letters Paul wrote remind me of the attitude that my son and I should be striving to have and asking God to cultivate in us.

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  Colossians 3:17

Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, Philippians 2:14-15

Yes, do all things without grumbling and with thanksgiving to please my father.

May I encourage you to see where you may be a fitster and ask God to help you grow up? 

If you know any fitster’s may I encourage you to ask God to give you an immeasurable amount of patience and fortitude? 

One final note, I love my little fitster.  He is awesome and brings me great joy!  Oh and I have another one on the way.  No, not another baby.  Just a toddler transitioning to fitster.  

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