Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Direction

In October, Meredith and I had a big decision to make regarding our vision for serving in Croatia in regards to the financial support.  Under the advisement and care of  Godly men in Josiah Venture we were told that they felt the lack of incoming support indicated to them that this was not God's timing for us to go to Croatia. They asked Meredith and me to stop working to raise support temporarily. We may be able to resume the process in 1-2 years if we all feel God would have us try again. They gave us a week to pray and talk with one another to hear what the Lord would tell us. After fasting, prayer, and tearful discussions with one another and other Godly men of integrity, God said the same thing again and again to us through scripture and each and every one of those men.
Stop for now.

We cannot tell you how we feel right now because in moments like these our feelings betray us. They can cause us to say things and act in ways that do not glorify our Father, and this is what we most desire to do. We must instead tell you what we know.

First, God is still God. He is always good, always faithful, and this will always be our confession.

Second, this is strictly a financial issue. Nothing has happened to change our minds about following the call of God on our lives to build his kingdom throughout the world or to change the minds of our leadership about our fitness to help do so. They have assured us of that which has been an encouragement during this time.

You know what, NO. Scratch that. This is not a financial issue at all because our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Money is not an issue for him. If we didn't believe that then we wouldn't have even started this process. This is a matter of timing and obedience, God's perfect timing and obedience from people when he says to do something. Remember that if you are struggling with a problem that you think can be rectified with money.
And third, the money that so many of you have given to the Lord thus far to be used to spread the gospel in Eastern Europe will be held safely within Josiah Venture. These funds will continue to be available for short-term ministry in Croatia or if God leads us back to pursue full-time service. If after two years we are not involved with JV full time, these funds will be used to further the work of God through JV in Croatia.
To every individual, family, and church body reading this who have supported this ministry monthly or with one time gifts, we do not have sufficient words to express our gratitude and love for you.  Know also that this situation has in no way diminished our faith in our Lord or our commitment to serve him. It has surprised us to see that this commitment appears to be taking us in a new direction at this time.

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