Saturday, January 31, 2009

Excitement in Small Cities

Jamey and I often discuss updating our blog, but we feel that we don't have many exciting things to post. Therefore, we don't post. So, I thought I would list some of the "exciting" things happening in our lives in a small city.

1. Mopping up water from the floor of our finished basement. Ok, this is not very exciting. One hour before a realtor came to our house to look at it we discovered water in our basement. We quickly cleaned up the mess. A week later, we had water in the basement again. So, we mopped up the water the best we could. An hour later there was more water than the time before. Ugh! The plumber came the next day and hopefully the problem is fixed.

2. Snow days without snow. To all my friends in Ohio, you will not understand this concept and I am sorry for sharing this news with you as you are under mounds of snow. On Tuesday, school was cancelled due to the weather. It was awful. All day it rained! No ice, just the fear of ice cancelled the schools. I still find snow days very exciting.

3. Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot the most exciting news. A Baja Bistro is coming to Salem! Now, I know most people have never heard of Baja Bistro and neither have I. But, I have great anticipation that it will be quite similar to Chipotle or Baja Fresh. There are no restaurants such as the previously mentioned within a four hour drive. I will post my critique of Baja Bistro once it opens.

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