Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blogging again

We know that we have failed at maintaining this blog. Our intentions were good but our discipline is weak. Meredith's style of writing is to use bullets so we will attempt to give you a bulleted update of our lives over the past months.

  • In October, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by visiting the campuses of Duke and University of North Carolina. I am a Duke fan and Jamey is the UNC fan.

  • This winter we both coached middle school basketball teams (different teams). My friend James would be very surprised by my calm and collected coaching style.

  • We continue to talk about fixing our kitchen after we experienced water damage a year ago. The key is we continue to talk. Hopefully the walls will be fixed by sometime in April.

  • We had one day with snow but missed 3 days of school due to weather. Yeah!!!

  • After many years without cable Meredith finally broke down and agreed to have access to over 200 stations. We enjoy cable too much; this could be a contributing factor to our lack of blog updates.

  • We have been planning to return to Croatia again this summer to help with English camps. We will give you more information about that in a later blog. Yes, I think I may try to write 2 blogs in one day.


  1. Meredith
    I miss you so much. Thanks for the update. You are such a special young woman with so much energy and focus.

    Be careful as you continue with your new adventure. I can't believe you've been married 2 years already.

    John and I think of you often.

    My email address is if you ever want to email me....


  2. more thing. Your hair is adorable!