Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back in the USA

Sorry for taking so long to update everyone on our last camp. We arrived safely in Roanoke last week. We spent the last week sleeping, fixing up the house, and visiting friends and family. Just a side note, I hate gardening. I like the flowers but I had the weeds and the work!
Our last camp was full of energy despite the heat. Croatia encountered a heat wave during our camp. The entire week it was between 100-105 degrees. For our friends in Arizona this is what you endure for several months. But imagine this heat without AC! We are such spoiled people. : ) Thankfully no one got sick from the heat and everyone was able to participate in the activities and have fun.
Highlights of camp:

*I got to see more of Jamey's acting abilities as became three different personalities during the week.

*We both got to teach English classes and develop relationships with the students.
*Four gypsy kids attended the camp. Gypsys are not respected throughout Europe and face much discrimination. This was a fantastic opportunity for these kids to experience God's love and for the others to see that God loves all people.
*Swimming pools and water fights.
*Working with the Croatian youth group and hearing from the students what their lives are like and what their needs are.

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