Thursday, June 28, 2007

Camps Soon Begin

Today we leave for Rijeka, the city of our first camp. This will probably be our last update until after camp. We are excited for camps to begin and to meet the students. The number of students continues to be lower than we would like. We are praying that God will bring us the number of students he wants at the camp.

Earlier this week we visited one of the youth groups we will be working with. We got to know the leaders, Peter and Filip, and their three other brothers. These young men are full of energy and passion to see their generation come to know the Lord. We attended their church and had a BBQ with the congregation. The food was delicious! I am always thankful for good food.

We also traveled to Rijeka to meet some other people we will be working with and made more plans for camp.

Tuesday we helped the McSheffrey's load all their belongings into a huge container to be shipped to the US. They live on the third floor, so we climbed tons of stairs. It is 45 stairs each way. Jamey estimates that we climb 1,000 stairs a day. We live at the bottom of the hill below the McSheffrey's. So, each morning we begin our day climbing 150 stairs and we climb many more throughout the day. I hope it will pay off and we will be more fit! Anyways back to moving day. Thankfully we had 5 Croatian men to help with the move and it did not take us all day.

Today we meet the team from Scottsdale Bible Church from Phoenix and do some camp training with them. The students arrive on Saturday and the fun begins!

Here are some specific things that the Lord has laid on my heart about these camps, this country, and our time here to be in prayer about. At the beginning of Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, Paul mentions that he has been praying for wisdom and revelation to know God better. He goes on to say that the people of the three churches need to have the eyes of their heart open to better understand and benefit from the hope, riches, and power that God has for his people to possess and use for his glory. I know that these things are what God would have as areas of focus for everyone involved in this summer in Croatia.

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  1. Miss you guys and are praying for you!! Rob leaves Sunday for OK. Raised all of our support at Campmeeting. Or did you know that already? Leave end of Sept/early Oct.
    Love you and can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip!