Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On The Road Again

Jamey and I left Phoenix, AZ one month ago today. We packed up all of our belongings into a Uhaul truck that Jamey drove while pulling my car. I drove his car pulling the Harley. The trip was uneventful which is a good thing but it doesn't provide any good stories to share with you all. We drove for four days for a total of 37 hours.

As many of you know we moved to Roanoke, VA in order to be closer to family and develop those relationships. Jamey's family lives in Roanoke and my family lives in Ohio. Our first day in Roanoke we were able to celebrate the Fourth of July with Jamey's family. It was a nice "homecoming". We also have had many opportunities to grow our relationship with family since we are living with Jamey's family until we can move into our own place. We are very grateful to have a familiar place to stay in this new city (new for me, that is).

God also blessed us with jobs before we made the journey across the country. Jamey with be teaching 8th grade English and I will be teaching ESL at the middle and high school. We are both looking forward to starting the new school year, which is quickly approaching. We have to attend orientations beginning August 9th.

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